Social Security Number Check

There are tools available to corporations that add enhanced protection when hiring new employees. One of these tools is a Social Security Number check, and it’s completely legal. In this age of information, companies are beginning to rely on background checks more heavily and this is one of the most popular ways to initiate such a check.

Why Do A Social Security Number Check?

A social security number check can tell a prospective employer a lot of things about an applicant. It’s a quick and easy way to validate former employers, date of birth, previous addresses and the social security number itself. This will alert the employer if the social security number provided is invalid, has never been issued, or was issued to someone who is now deceased. It also provides a chance to cross check the information provided by the applicant and possibly start a deeper background check if the information doesn’t correlate with what was provided.

Social Security Number Checks Are Easy

In the past, the only way to perform a social security number check was through a lengthy process of paperwork requests submitted to the Social Security Office. These days though, finding the information is a snap. There are several third-party companies available online that will provide you with all the details of a social security number check for a monthly subscription price. For those that don’t want to pay the third-party fee and have the extra time to do the work themselves, you can run a social security number check by computer on the Department’s website. This takes a bit more time though, as after you complete your registration and request an access and activation code, it is then sent by mail to your employer.

Whether you are an employer wanting to verify the information provided by an applicant or a worker who just wants to make sure that the information associated with your social security number is correct and not being used fraudulently, a social security number check is a quick and easy place to begin.

Tools that will help your Company:
  • Identify all known addresses and alias names that may be affiliated with a candidate’s SSN.
  • Get Instant Social Security Number Traces delivered online.
  • Find the right candidate.