Drug Screening

An enforced drug testing policy is a must for any business. Not only does it ensure a safe workplace but it can also save your company thousands of dollars a year in employee retention and workers compensation. The Department of Labor reports that drug and alcohol abuse cost U.S. employers at least 80 billion dollars a year. We always conduct drug screenings that comply with federal law so there is no liability to worry about. Private Eyes. offers pre-employment drug testing at a low cost to you, and with an exceptional turnaround time.

Turn Around Time

Typically, all negative results are available within 24 hours from when the laboratory receives them. Positive results take a little longer. Positive results are available typically between 48-72 hours after the laboratory receives the specimen.

Did You Know?

Many states across the U.S. offer Worker’s Compensation discounts and perks to companies that sustain drug free workplace programs. Help to keep your workplace free from accidents and any other occurrences that may arise from your employees abusing drugs. Contact Private Eyes today to get started with this must have service that can save you time and money.