Civil Records Search

County Criminal Records Search

County-level, statewide and nationwide civil records search.This first-class service searches through county, state, and/or national databases to obtain all available civil records. Civil cases are any non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against any individual. This includes records that are within the past 7 years, and any records in both the upper and lower courts. Civil searches are an essential part of any background check.

They can be useful when hiring a new employee, doing business with contractors, outsourcing projects or services to another individual or company, and also when teaming up with a business partner.

All records are detailed, always updated, and searched by trusted courthouse employees, so you can be assured you know who you are hiring.

County Civil Search

This is an important pre-employment search that we offer; it reveals legal actions filed by individuals and businesses against other individuals and businesses. These records include information relating to both the plaintiff and the defendant in such cases, and are searched 7 years back. This is especially helpful to help you identify likely candidates that may become a liability to your company.

What is enclosed in a civil search?

All civil searches typically contain the individuals name, the type of case, a closing or pending date, the date the case was filed, the case title, the court location, and case number.

Your subject will either come back with a “CLEAR” or “NOT CLEAR” which will give you and your business a heads up on the candidate.


The search is back, and the court has no records of the candidate ever being involved in any type of civil suit within the past 7 years in the area(s) searched. This does not necessarily mean that the candidate does not have records elsewhere.

Not Clear

The search has turned up a relevant civil case that is either pending or closed within the past 7 years in the area(s) searched. This also does not necessarily mean that the candidate does not have additional records in unsearched areas.

Civil Record searches include but are not limited to tax liens, bankruptcies, legal actions, government cases, civil right violations and financial entities.